Praxis no. 5 + Thread on panel + 15” x 15” x 3” + 2018
 Game Theory no. 6 + Ink and graphite on paper + 32" x 32" + 2014
 Self Portrait + Thread on fabric + 20.5" x 27" approx. + 2009
 Fear of Rejection + Hand-Embroidery on fabric + 17" x 17" approx. + 2007    One of the many aspects of the human experience is dealing with fear. Our fears usually get a grip on us until we face them and bring out the light they conceal. By dealing with our fears we are able to regain power over one aspect of our lives. If, however, we don't deal with them they will cling, grip, or sneak up on us, manifesting in addictions, codependent relationships or unconscious behavior that in the least will hinder our personal growth and in the worst sever our integrity and push us into self-betrayal.  These works represent my reflection on different fears that range from the very personal and intimate, to the universal fears that haunt anyone at some point in life. Choosing insects as a metaphor for fear comes from the way we seem to be afraid of what we don't have control over. The most basic way we protect ourselves from the external world is to clothe ourselves, and that is the reason I chose to place this fears on fragments of clothing. To me this is a symbolic equivalence of how we try to protect ourselves from our fears instead of dealing with them in a conscious way. If we dared to do so we would realize we usually blow them out of proportion and we would then be a step closer to living a more authentic life.  The technique I use is hand-embroidery, which is a very slow process that induces reflection. In choosing this process I had to deal with my fear of inadequacy that comes from growing up in a milieu that states that boys do not work with needles, as traditionally it's been a woman's job—one usually passed down from mother to daughter or as in my family, from grandmother to granddaughter. This is what led me to make a conscious effort to deal with my fears through this project.
 Selective Memory no. 1: 8 Centavos + Thread on fabric + 10" x 10" + 2006    In this work I enlarge forlorn details taken from the collective consciousness – such things found in old books, antique engravings, postage stamps, etc – isolating them from their original context and intricately embroidering them into a newer surface, mostly fabrics found either in my closet, my friend's closet, or at my local thrift store. I like mixing the old with the older with the intention of creating a whole new visual experience.